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 Through her Cultivating Creativity workshop, artist and educator Lynn Titleman Rizzotto uses a visual media presentation combined with discussion to introduce audiences to her innovative, fresh teaching methods.
Cultivate CreativityBy opening up classrooms into the garden, Lynn demonstrates how using a garden can advance and enrich the educational experience for elementary and secondary school students. This new program was created by Lynn to bring her great success and decades of experience to teachers, administrators, child development and education professionals, parent organizations and any group interested in inventive ways to teach children.
 For more than 30 years, Lynn has created the art curriculum for and taught at the Children's Creativity Workshops, developing her unique art philosophy using the Magic Garden as a centerpiece of her work. Lynn has inspired teachers and students alike with her innovative approach to teaching art -- and its vital relationship to the natural world. Many students have returned years later, as parents, to allow their children to benefit from the experience they once had. Lynn also teaches at other institutions and is on the faculty of the Old Colony Montessori School.
 Gateway to Learning
 In addition to art, the principles and potential presented in Cultivating Creativity also apply to science, mathematics, literature and other disciplines. Many of Lynn's concepts integrate all of these subjects, while instilling in each child an appreciation for the environment.

Lynn's presentation to your group or organization will provide specific lesson plans and elaborate on why teaching in the garden works so well. The workshop includes information about designing and planning a garden for three seasons; using a garden as a participatory tool for learning through discovery and observation; and developing curiosity, concentration and critical thinking skills. Cultivating Creativity supports and supplements many curricular blueprints, including the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. As students engage with the garden, Lynn shows how the process fuels their hunger to learn. Throughout the presentation, she emphasizes the communication between students and their teachers.

 Bonding with Nature
 As schools and communities increase their focus on environmental issues and global sustainability, Cultivating Creativity helps teachers strengthen their students' life-long relationship with nature. Empowering children to develop this connection is more critical than it has been for generations.
 We invite you to contact us with questions or to learn more about having Lynn present Cultivating Creativity to your organization.


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